Best Way To Fix Running Yum Package Cleanup

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    g.It calculates the dependencies on autopilot and figures out what you need to do to install the packages. This allows the market to more easily maintain groups of machines without having to manually update each one that generates speed. If yum is found, running: yum clean simply removes cached packages and therefore headers.

    Description. package-cleanup is a program for cleaning up locally installed RPM packages.




    General Options

    -c file>
    Use a fallback configuration file (default /etc/yum.conf).
    -h, –help
    Help; display an important help message, then exit.
    -q, –silent
    Don’t type anything you don’t need. — Version
    -v, program line and output.
    Accept all questions.
    List of nodes with blade wear in the local RPM database. Leaf node RPMs do not depend on any other RPMs.
    List of installed packages that are not available in the configured databases. It’s the same as “Yum Selection Extras” what could be betteroutput.alt
    –old kernels
    Remove the kernels as well as the kernel development packages.
    List of dependency issues in the RPM database. If problems occur, exit encoding 1 is returned to the output.
    Check for duplicates in a small city’s RPM database.
    Check the host’s RPM database for duplicates and remove old versions.
    –count count
    Number of duplicate packages in the system (default 2)

    Output Options

    — all
    When listing end nodes, include end nodes that are not libraries.
    A packet whose expression matches this regular expression is considered a leaf.List
    if leaf nodes contain a list of development packages.
    Nodes cannot display bundles with files in trash directories when displaying sheets.

    Old Kernel Options

    Do not delete
    how to run yum package-cleanup

    kernel-devel when removing kernels


    List all dependency issues:
    Package Cleanup –Problems
    A list of almost all packages that are not in any of the yum repositories:
    purging packages –orphans
    Remove the old kernels, keep iii and leave the old kernel development packages installed:
    keep packages –oldkernels –count=3 –keepdevel
    List all leaf packages not in your life files in the bin directory whose tag starts with “perl” or “python”:
    package-cleanup –exits –exclude-bin –leaf-regex=”^(perl)|(python)”


    Because the Package Cleaner uses the YUM libraries to get all the information, it relies heavily on YUM.Configuration of their defaults, such as which type of repositories to use. See YUM data details:

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  • /etc/yum for.conf/etc/yum/repos.d//var/cache/yum/

    See Also

    How do I remove duplicates from yum installation?

    You can remove all duplicates using rpm -e –justdb –nodeps $ newerpackage, including an example overload that would be rpm -e –justdb –nodeps nss-tools-3.28. 4-15.



    how to run yum package-cleanup

    See authors file documented with this program.


    What is package-cleanup?

    Description. package-cleanup is a useful program for cleaning up our locally installed RPMs.

    Of course, there are almost no bugs, but if you find them, you should first study the FAQ in detail. and if you don’t find a solution, check out the mailing list: Bästa Sättet Att Fixa Att Köra Smaskiga Paketrensningar
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