Troubleshooting Tips For Finding The BIOS Version In Windows 7


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    Last week, some readers told us they were looking for a BIOS version for Windows 7. g.You can also find your BIOS version number in the System Information window. In Windows 7, 8, or 10, press Windows + R, type “msinfo32” in the entire Run box, and press Enter. The BIOS version number is displayed in the System Information field. Check the BIOS Version / Date field frequently.




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    Do you need to find or check the current BIOS version on your laptop or desktop computer? BIOS or UEFI firmware is any software installed by default on your PC’s motherboard that is also detected Monitors and controls embedded hardware, including hard drives, graphics cards, USB ports, storage devices, etc.

    Does your family need to update the BIOS is definitely something I’ve written about before, and a basic premise of the article that shouldn’t be updated unless you really have a special need. p>

    So how do you know if you need to update the BIOS on your laptop or computer? First of all, you need to determine the current BIOS version. In the next article, I will explain several ways to determine the BIOS version. After updating the version, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to see which version is the most up to date.

    System Information

    Click Start, Detect Execution and type msinfo32. Will this bring up the Windows System Information dialog box?

    If you invoke an entry named BIOS version / date in the System Overview section. Users now know the current version of their BIOS.

    Command Line

    finding bios version in windows 7

    Another easy way to find out the BIOS version without restarting your computer is to open a command prompt and enter the following command:

    wmic bios gets smbiosbios version

    The Tell it to line command just gives you an alternate BIOS number, which is awesome. However, there are other requirements that will give you more information.

    wmic bios gets bios version


    Windows Registry

    Pretty much everything in Windows is stored in the registry, and the version you see in the BIOS is no exception! Access to each of the following keys:


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    And you will see several BIOS-specific keys including SystemBiosDate, SystemBiosVersion, VideoBiosDate, and VideoBiosVersion.

    Start Windows

    Another method to determine the BIOS version on your computer is to simply restart your computer. Some computers, including Dell, will display the BIOS version number on first startup.

    In addition, anyone can access the BIOS setup by pressing F12, DEL, F10, or F12 when they realize it will appear during the boot process. Other computer names may have a different key to start the installation, but they usually tell you which key to press.

    Since the BIOS city is different for almostFor every computer or laptop from your manufacturer, you will have to search nearby until you see the revision or BIOS version.

    If you are using a new Windows 8 UEFI computer or laptop in Legacy BIOS, you will not be able to press any keys during boot. In these cases, you will need to start from the System Recovery Options screen. Once there, you need to click on Troubleshoot and then on Advanced Options.

    This is the same policy as for entering Windows 8 Safe Mode, but instead of clicking Boot Options, you must click UEFI Firmware Settings. This notification will not appear if your BIOS is not UEFI.

    Third Party Software

    If you prefer to use a third party computer program that also gives you other information about how your computer is used, Speccy is a good skill. It is taken from the same place where the company developed CCleaner, one of the best Windows PC maintenance tools.

    Click “Motherboard”, after which you will see a section with the BIOS branding, in the catThis will indicate the brand, version, and date of the BIOS. The plan also gives you a lot of other information about CPU, RAM, Memory, etc.


    So, there are several completely different ways to identify your BIOS copy. Update the BIOS only when necessary and with the utmost care. A failed BIOS update can damage your entire computer, forcing you to spend a lot of money repairing this particular device.

    If you update the BIOS, this will not happen. Each motherboard manufacturer has its own set, similar to the BIOS update tools. Specifically, there are options in the BIOS itself that can be updated, others require you to boot from a USB stick and thus flash the BIOS.

    finding bios version in windows 7

    Each BIOS file can usually be purchased in a compressed archive package containing a ReadMe text file. Be sure to read this file as it contains step-by-step instructions on how to update your BIOS.

    The easiest way to update the BIOS and should be avoided is by using the Windows option. This is usually a Windows application that canIt can be downloaded and run in Windows to flash the BIOS. The problem is that it can fail because Windows continues to work and is usually not very suitable even for the manufacturers themselves. This is the easiest way, but there is a great risk of failure.



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