Troubleshooting Solutions For Canon Bjc-85 Bubble Jet Printer


You may encounter an error code indicating troubleshooting for your Canon BJC-85 Bubble Jet Printer. Well, there are different ways to fix this problem, so we will do it shortly.

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    Canon Bubblejet (BJ) 5

    My printer stopped printing after replacing the ink tank and cartridge. According to Canon, the waste ink reservoir is full. I tried to fix this scenario with Canon and this sounding “printer repair forum” !!
    My printer You can just keep blinking GREEN and RESUME ORANGE with five different beeps. This will prevent me from replacing the ink cartridge or the cartridge / CARTRIDGE button just doesn’t work.
    My computer displays “PRINTER DOES NOT RESPOND” !!
    This is almost certainly not a computer problem !! This is the back of the printer. I contacted Canon about this. However, they still insist on buying a new i. If I really have to buy a new printer to help me, I will no longer be without Canon. Because, k Where you did the QUICK EXCHANGE under warranty, you sent me a RECIRCULATED version. Since then, troubleshooting the printer has gone well. Now it practically does not function. Can anyone help with such a printer?

    I put my printer on it, the print head emits 3 center beeps with blinking black light. 5 minutes after the minutes have elapsed, the printhead is parked on the right side with the green light on and the error light off. The ink cartridge pressure has changed and there is a head problem.

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    author: unknown, Jul 13, 2009 8:18 PM Add a comment

    stranger on September 7, 2009 at 15.01. Add a comment

    I’m having problems with my BJC-85. I’ve tried progressive scan cartridges over and over, but this particular printer is not printing ink on the paper!
    The black cartridge is not working and I just have a little red nothing else! Not every printer prints a Solib notebook, even many of its lines where the corresponding page is “skipped” are on each of our service cards, but nothing! he really doesn’t want to work! It would certainly be nice if it worked a lot more, it would be nice to print the invoices in the van! Take it please! seems useless to discard it 🙂


    surprised on Aug 3, 2004 at 11:52 pm. Add a comment

    This was an ink leak error and can be cleared by following these steps.

    1: unplug the power cord
    only two: press and hold the POWER and RESUME buttons
    more: plug in the power cord
    4: release the buttons as soon as the printer is in the air
    5: Hold CARTRIDGE pressed and CONTINUE
    1: Press POWER
    7: Release all knobs after beeps
    8: Press CARTRIDGE 16 times
    9: Press RESUME
    10: Unplug power cord

    Many thanks. Elimination of nThe malfunction was completed in 5 seconds. Excellent skills !! Everything works great as new !!

    My printer beeps 8 times – what can I do to get it working again? Please help us!
    Thank you, Big El

    Big Al to March 9, 2006 at 10:08 am. Add a comment

    I am getting the following error.
    My BJC-85 does not beep, although it still says “The printer is not responding”. Canon software message (for example, Status Monitor with two additional tabs: Printer Status and Job Status).
    I understand that this may be due to the fact that the device heats up, but after that nothing happens.
    I did the reset as suggested, but basically the same.

    unknown author, November 26, 2008 at 04:04 AM Add a comment

    unheard of on July 27, 2009 02:24 AM Add е comment

    I found out about this forum by a fluke, about every month ago my bjc 85 had the same symptoms as Kays after I went back and forth with my Vaio PC sales team and service Canon support. The department said it wasn’t their simulator because since then I’ve had to print documents and print them from my localized library while having fun.

    Yesterday I stumbled upon this advice forum and lo, I ran into the same problem as the current BJC 85, then tried to waste a new bug fix, and ten minutes later k was typing again, it was on Try my best including removing people and adding drivers again.

    I usually want to thank the person who developed this method but hasn’t been looking for a new machine lately.

    canon bjc-85 bubble jet printer troubleshooting

    You have a BJC-85 that emits 8 beeps when it starts up. A reset was attempted but the green and cartridge lights are currently blinking. See the article about the new collar for pets.rinter, where can I find it?

    canon bjc-85 bubble jet printer troubleshooting

    unknown, August 17, 2009 6:29 PM Add a comment

    Hi all,
    I also have a BJC-85 that emits 8 beeps and the system and cartridge lights are blinking. It’s like trying to reinstall the cartridge, but it doesn’t come back to the center when I press the cartridge button. Any ideas please?

    Unknown, August 23, 2009 4:17 PM Comment add

    by apd21 versus Jan 27, 2010 8:27 pm Comment add

    When I turn on the power, the printer beeps in the flower garden, and the orange error light flashes, the green indicator light is on steadily. I can write this page TESTING THE NOZZLE – it looks like a workaround bug. I changed the cartridges. I disconnected 10 minutes. and within 21 minutes – the error indicators are still flashing – have any ideas? Andrey in the city of music

    canon bjc-85 bubble jet printer troubleshooting

    by Anonymous, Jan 28January 2010, 19:02 Add a comment

    Soaking the tattoo printhead ink cartridge holder in water overnight often removes the ink from the nozzles, so in this situation, the ink is reapplied according to the standard.

    There may be a Cannon site that explains what the different numbers mean in relation to error signals.



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