Fix Pkcs12 Txt Db Error Number 2, Key Build Issue


If you have pkcs12 txt db build key number 2 on your machine, we hope this guide will help you.

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    [SOLUTION] “TXT_DB Sum 2 Error” In Build-key.bat

    Everything works fine until we get to the CERT client. build. The signatures are the same … and I tried adding / removing / changing various values ​​and I was lucky. Client name a is an effective alpha string (no hyphens, spaces, and possibly even underscores).
    Has anyone seen this annoying creature? Running 2.1.3 on server 2000 ……

    Make sure your insurance policy is compliant.Signatures required
    Signature is OK
    The theme’s distinctive name is as follows:countryName: PRINT: “USA”
    stateOrProvinceName: PRINT: ‘**’
    City name: FOR PRINT: ‘**’
    Organization name: PRINTABLE: ‘**’
    commonName: PRINTABLE: ‘**’
    email address: IA5STRING: ‘**’
    Certificates must be authenticated by January 14: 37:53 2021 GMT (3650 days)
    Sign the certificate? [yes / no]: o
    Database update error
    TXT_DB error number 2
    C: Program Files OpenVPN easy-rsa keys *. Old not found


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    Subject: Error “txt_db Number 2” In Buyer’s Certificate Build-key.bat File

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    The TXT_DB error is related to some kind of duplication of the index.txt file. If this is your first credentials, index.txt should be empty (I p (I assume this is because the index.txt.old warning does not exist).

    Also this is an older article, I got here via google. The proposals are more or less incomplete.

    Your index.txt lists all the certificates you successfully completed. As long as a valid (not expired) certificate with the same DN is already available, you cannot create a new one with the same DN. There are several solutions:

    1) Put unique_subject = just not true in index.txt.attr so you can generate as many certificates with the same DN as you like. This solution is below average because the D in DN stands for excellent. If you create certificates with the same DN, you won’t be able to easily distinguish between the two.

    2) Remove each of our entries from the index. OpenSSL does not know the existing certificate well and will generate a new one. This is a quick and very messy package because the first generated certificate is still valid and can be used. The same effort as in 1).

    3) Already revoke an active certificate: openssl ca -revoke. The index.txt file has been modified and the certificate should be marked revoked / invalid. Now you can earn a new one with the same DN.

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    build key pkcs12 txt db error number 2

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    build key pkcs12 txt db error number 2

    For information: likefix the error “Database update failed: txt_db error number 2” in OpenSSL or EasyRSA

    When creating certificates, you may sometimes encounter the following:


     Failed to update databaseTXT_DB Error Rate 2 

    You will find that EasyRSA has generated a powerful key file



    What is the problem and what are you trying to do?

    The problem is that you are traveling with a certificate for the domain name a, which apparently has already issued a (different) certificate. Even if you no longer transfer this certificate, OpenSSL still remembers every certificate issued.

    To resolve this issue, open the

    conf / index file in the EasyRSA directory. (Next to it is the file Face = “courier”> index

    Of course, you need to do this in addition to fully understanding what you are actually doing and what it really means. This database exists for a good reason … so you don’t releaseand duplicates and / or certificates are probably what you want to issue. (This is why I

    do not recommend

    , so follow the warning to just turn off duplicate checking.)


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    When creating maps, you can sometimes see the following:


    The problem is that you are creating a functional certificate for the domain name for which a (different) certificate is currently issued. Even if you no longer associate a copy with this certificate, OpenSSL remembers to respect this issued certificate.

    conf / index in the EasyRSA directory. (Next to it is the file Face = “courier”> index

    Of course, with a 100% understanding of what you are actually doing and what that means, you must do. This information is there for a reason … in terms of issuing duplicates and cards, this is probably what you need o. (So ​​I recommend

    build key pkcs12 txt db error number 2

    You need to follow the “improve only duplicate validation” warning.


     could not be createdTXT_DB 2 Update Error Rate 



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