Easy Troubleshooting For Xbox 360 Boot Drive


In this guide, we will describe some of the possible causes that the xbox 360 boot drive can cause, and then suggest possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    CleanDr is likely to be the solution to fix and dispose of Xbox 360 and Xbox One laser lenses. Here’s how it works: Simply insert the CleanDr disc into the Xbox 360 or Xbox One DVD container (graphics side up). It should play automatically.



    Updated September 19, 2017

    Xbox 360 consoles can be modified to run on a DVD drive with custom firmware that allows you to customize applications and play backups of all discs to replace your Xbox 360 DVD drive. Xbox 360 Kick-Out Disc, DVD player can be connected to your computer and be recognized as a permanently attached hardware component.

    Always turn on your computer and load the Slax Shoes and Boots CD (see Resources). Burn the contents to CD-R and insert the DVD into your computer’s CD drive.

    boot disk xbox 360

    Remove all add-ons from the consoleand unplug the power cord. Remove the front cover from the 1. machine, then remove the optional cover. Loosen the Torx screws on the main inner case and slide it out. Unplug the DVD drive from the Xbox 360, then plug in the SATA from the wired computer to the DVD drive.

    Turn on our computer and wait for the Slax CD to load (it will automatically learn). CD and restart your computer. The Xbox DVD 360 player is probably connected to your computer.

    Items You May Need

    How do I boot my Xbox 360?

    Press the power button on the front of the console to turn on the game.The ring around the power button should turn green and you should see the XBox 360 loading on your TV.

    • Slax Starter Cable

    • Torx Washer

    • SATA Screwdriver (Size 10)


    boot disk xbox 360

    Opening the Xbox 360 will void Microsoft’s warranty on our own console.

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    Updated September 22 2017

    Wave 4 Starter Disc is an Xbox 360 backup launcher that allows PC users to run games from a saved copy of a disc. This means you can actually keep your original Xbox 360 even if the imported games that weren’t designed for you are your country’s Xbox 360 console. Launching a Wave 4 disc is easyis the first operation that goes hand in hand with burning ISO from disc to DVD on Xbox 360.

    Download the Wave 4 self-extracting template from the website (see Resources) and double-click it to unzip.

    Open a DVD burning program that allows you to burn ISO, such as Nero Burning ROM Roxio or Creator. Open the “File” menu and select “Open ISO”, otherwise “Burn Image”.

    Double-click the extracted Wave 1 disc image to select it. Place a completely blank recordable DVD in your computer’s bleach tray and click OK.

    boot disk xbox 360

    Using your Xbox, rotate the 360 ​​and insert a Wave 4 disc. Go to the My Xbox menu tab and select Play DVD to display a white error message and eject the disc.

    Place the Xbox 360 saved game you want to play on your home computer’s drive. From the My Xbox menu, select Play From Game to start the game as if it were your very first game.

    What You Need

    • Computer with DVD-R drive

    • ISO Burner

    • Blank DVD – R Disc

    • Xbox 360 Simultaneous Playback

    I have Wayne Ruston’s DVD-R from Fotolia.com


    It is illegal to use save launchers such as Wave 4th to run games for which you did not receive the original disc. Use your disc only to play imported games that you have legally acquired or to back up your individual games.



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    How do I copy my Xbox 360 disc to my computer?

    Download the copier programCopying the DVD to the computer you want to play the exact Xbox 3 game on. Install the ripping software on your computer by double-clicking the downloaded file and following the onscreen instructions. Insert your Xbox 360 game disc into your PC’s CD / DVD drive. We launch the program identical to the DVD.

    How do I fix the disc I put it in my Xbox 360 console?

    If there are no discs in the disc tray, visit the System section of the entire control panel.Select Console Settings.Choose a start.Make sure it’s just set to Drive and not Toolbar.




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