Best Way To Remove API Key From Android Debug Cards


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    You may receive the error “Displaying Android Debugger Map API Key”. It turns out there are several steps you can take to fix this problem. We will do it shortly. A graphical API key generated using your SHA1 fingerprint from the debug keystore. This fact map API key is used when debugging your smartphone app in Eclipse and running it from there.



    This section explains how to create an API key to work with the Maps SDK for Android, add it to your application, and stabilize the application by reducing low frequencies. You will need to add an API key to every application that uses it. SDK.

    Before You Start

    Before using the Maps SDK for Android, you must have a project with a billing account and / or SDK cards are included for Android. For more information, see Configuring in the Cloud Console .

    Create API Key

    android debug map api key

    The API Key isA kind of unique identifier that authenticates requests related to your project for Billing for use for purposes. You must have at least one specific API key associated with your project.


    1. android debug map api key

      Go to the Google Maps Platform> Credentials page.

      Usually go to the page


    2. On the credentials page, click Create Credits> API Keys.
      The API Key Found dialog box displays the API key you just generated.
    3. Click Close.
      The new API key will be posted on the credentials page under the Initial API Considerations section.
      (Be sure to reveal the secret of the top secret API before using it in production.)

    Cloud SDK

     Create API Key gcloud Leader Services n    --project " PROJECT " n    --display-name " DISPLAY_NAME " 

    More about the new Google Cloud SDK , Installing the Cloud SDK , and your current orders:

    Add My API Key To Your Application

    This section describes how to register an API point to make it more secure. you can referYour application. You don’t have to read your API key in your version control system, so we recommendWe save it in the file located in the root directory of your. situatedProject. For more information about Translate = “no”> local file , see.Gradle properties files.

    To simplify this task, runSecrets uses the Android Gradle plugin.

    1. In Android Studio, open the build.gradle file at the root level and add the following Code for dependencies in buildscript . Create script Dependencies // … Classpath “ secrets-gradle-plugin: 2.0.0”
    2. Then note your build.gradle file at the application level, then add the following code to The Plugins element. ID “”
    3. Save the list and Synchronize your project with Gradle.
    4. open by creating a project-level directory, then expand The following code. Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your API key.
    5. Save the file and sync the project with Gradle.
    6. Go to AndroidManifest.xml in your file. Also update the android: value attribute in the following way:

    Note. As stated above, is often the recommended metadata name. to get the API key. A key with this name can be used for authentication if you need more than one Google Maps APIs on this specific Android platform including SDK card for Android. For API backward compatibility, also supports the name . This legacy name only allows authentication for Android Maps API v2. Application can Specify only one o, which has to do with API key metadata names. If specified mutually, API throws a real exception.

    API Key Restriction

    Restricting API keys protects your application by ensuring that only license requests are executed. created with your API key. We strongly recommend that you follow the restrictions instructions. install to get API keys. For more information see API Security Best Practices.

    If you restrict your key, you will need to use the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint API Place your signing key that was used to measure the app. There are two types of marriage certificates:

    • Debug Certificate: Use this type of certificate only when testing applications. not to mention other non-production codes. Don’t try to publish a signed app with this debug Certificate. Android SDK Policies will automatically generate a certificate if you’ve used debugging. build.
    • Public Certificate: Use this certificate when available.I’m not ready to share yours. to free Application to the app store. Android SDK systems generate this certificate when running a different version of the version.

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    You can find more information about digital certificates at Sign your application Manual.

    For more information on how to obtain fingerprints of your credentials, see Authenticating Your Client. If you are using a subscription to the Play app; Instead, you need to go to the Play Console app signing page to get your fingerprint certificate.


    1. Go to the Google Maps Platform Credentials page>.

      Go to the “Identifiers” page

    2. Select the API key for which everyone wants to set a limit. The API Key Properties page opens.
    3. In the “Basic Limits” section, set the following limits:
    • Application restrictions:
    1. Select Android Apps.
    2. Click+ add package name and fingerprint.
    3. Enter your reseller name and SHA-1 certificate fingerprint. Example: 
       BB: 0D: AC: 74: D3: 21: E1: 43: 67: 71: 9B: 62: 91: AF: A1: 66: 6E: 44: 5D: 75 
  • API Limitations:
    1. Click Restrict Key.
    2. From the Select API drop-down list, select the Map SDK to use Android. If the Maps SDK for Android is not listed, you need to Activate this is.
  • For the most effective changes, save.
  • Cloud SDK

    Lists existing keys.

     api-keys of gcloud services place --project = " PROJECT " 

    Remove the restrictions that exist on the existing key.

     api-keys update alpha gcloud services "projects /  PROJECT  / keys /  KEY_ID " n    --clear-restrictions 

    Set new restrictions on the existing key.

    Change API Key

     alpha services gcloud "projects /  PROJECT  / keys /  KEY_ID " n    --api_target = ""    --allowed-application = "sha1_fingerprint =  SHA1_FINGERPRINT , package_name =  ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME " 

    Read about it Google Cloud SDK , Installing the Cloud SDK , for example the following commands:



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