Unregistered Activex Control Solutions 648a5600


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    Here are some easy steps to fix the problem with an unregistered Activex control 648a5600.



    ActiveX regulation “648A5600-2C6E-101B-82B6-000000000014” is not registered on the computer

    1. Download MSCOMM32.OCX and place it in C: Windows system32

    2. Enter the current system32 directory under the command In this field (note that you are the administrator)

    The author of this article Anonymous and the text is available below CC-SA-4.0

    2. Run the regsvr32 MSCOMM32.OCX command from the command line (be sure to use the administrator’s identity in the market)

    Databases – MS Access ActiveX Components

    How do you check ActiveX control is registered or not?

    – Go to Start> Run> Regedit. – Go to Edit> Find and paste the value. – Click “Find Next” to search the registry. Expand the entry and select the embedded InprocServer32 to see the full path to my OCX file.

    Microsoft invites customers to extend your applicationsusing ActiveX components (ocx).I tried doing it using MSComm32.ocx -interface port component.

    Mostly the house on my machine worked fine, but unfortunatelydid not work otherwise on machines on which it was not installed.

    activex control not registered 648a5600


    Before you can use a chord with it, you mustRegistered and cited.The menu options selected here are applied.

    Extras / Elemenyou control ActiveX … / Microsoft Control Communication, version 6.0Tools / Help … via Comm microsoft Control 6.0Paste / ActiveX Control … / Microsoft Control Communication, version 6.0

    Data recovery is definitely a little hazy.Usually, you don’t use events in the property editor – use the most important events instead._OnComm Event.However, I have read almost all 12 byte barcodes and_OnComm only a only returns a few bytes at a time.(The exact number is almost certainly unpredictable.)Therefore, when receiving the base byte, a timer must be set.and discard it when several other bytes are received at once.When it finally exits, a complete barcode will be received.(Well, I guess it’s uneven.)Extras / References … doesn’t really show up when the form is your active panel.Click the code box that is available in addition to the option.


    Microsoft Developer Software Sells Additional Code and ComponentsUsing Activex Packages.To know what to do, ActiveX controls presented as 3 files.

    • ocx file – has always been the main executable
    • Depot directory – configuration wizard dependencies file. A special insert file that tells the creator of the package what additional files are already required in the package.
    • Info-instruction – which was not on my platform, but on linked. CAB file

    MSComm32.dep is especially interesting – you should read it.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t understand how to use MS Access.or Visual C ++ to try and build the package -I practically did not find the general contractor’s superstructure in the package.

    RegMon Trace

    Well, I quickly abandoned targeted research in order to spreadthis and the module I put into operation insteadRegMon to find out what MS Access should beuse a component.

    Opening MS Access met with little resistanceto ActiveX components. It’s good.

    The top opening form, which already contains MSComm32.ocx, generated 765 hits.Compliance is important.

    QueryValueEx HKCR CLSID 648A5600-2C6E-101B-82B6-000000000014 InprocServer32 “C: WIN98 SYSTEM MSCOMM32.OCX “Request value HKCR Licenses 4250E830-6AC2-11cf-8ADB-00AA00C00905 (standard) Selected (I don’t need to show this value 36)Request value HKCR CLSID 648A5600-2C6E-101B-82B6-000000000014 ProgID (standard) “MSCOMMLib.MSComm.1″Request value HKCR TypeLib 648A5603-2C6E-101B-82B6-000000000014 1.1 0 win32 (standard) “C: WIN98 SYSTEM MSCOMM32.HKLM System CurrentControlSet Services Class Ports 0001 PORTDRIVER Good “Request value text “seriell.vxd”

    Place the form in an edit function and / or display propertiesthe same CLSID and TypeLib keys to check for matches,maybe not so often.

    Note that version 1.1 is called in the TypeLib.Although this is simply stored in the CLSID, this value was never read.Apparently this is also stored in the form.

    Also note that attempts to read 4 values ​​have been paidhave not been found.


    I have never been able to get satisfactory performance fromAlmost everyone has MSComm32.ocx on a computer, except for the one on Visual C ++.has been loaded. The rest is hardly implementedcomponent because copy protection Microsoft.I have a completely legal version of all softwarewhich I cannot use.

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    I have also tried blogging about my own calling ComPort code from this Windows API.It was a complete error just because Access ms 97does not have all the capabilities to implement callbacks.(There is not so much that can be passed as a parameter to the main subroutine.)

    VisualBasic 5 calls AddressOf operator to getFunction addresses for Windows API callbacks.Unfortunately, this operator is not implemented in MS Access 97.

    activex control not registered 648a5600

    I gotencoded(hack with undocumented VBA DLL API calls)which should be the return address of the function.However, I only received a piece of paper and a return address.has always been zero (zero).(The author has developed MS code for Excel and suggestedwork with MS Access. Several sources suggested using Access withMRS. However, I never built it to work.)(Here are some of the programs and computer code used.)

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