Help Fix Error 16 Bit Codec Ac 97 Cs 4202


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    Sometimes your system may display a message stating that it is using the ac 97 cs 4202 16-bit codec. This error can have several causes.



    AC’97 (Audio Codec ’97; also MC’97 for Modem Codec ’97) is an audio codec developed by Intel Architecture Labs in 1997. The standard has been used in modems, motherboards, and sound cards.

    Due to the components, the specification covers two types, including the AC-Link digital interface:

    1. an AC’97 (DC97) digital controller that can be integrated into the south bridge of a specific chipset, and
    2. a multi-vendor AC’97 audio and modem codec that contains analog architecture components.

    AC’97 defines a high quality 07- or 20-bit sound architecture with 5.1 surround sound to support PCs. AC’97 supports sampling rates of 96 kHz with 20-bit stereo resolution and 48 kHz with 20-bit stereo resolution for creating and playing multi-channel audio.

    ac 97 cs 4202 codec 16 bit

    Embedded audio is implemented using the stock AC’97 codec on the motherboard, communications and marketing network riser, or superior audio riser / modem.

    In 2004, Intel released Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio), a suitable, non-backward compatible successor With AC’97. [1] HD Audio can have up to 15 output options, but in practice most motherboards offer more than 8 channels in total (7.1 trap audio).


    • AC’97 1.x compliant means 48 kHz fixed sampling mode (no advanced feature set).
    • AC’97 2.1 indicates a compatible extended set of audio features (optional variable bit rate, multichannel, etc.).
    • AC’97 2.2 Compliant stands for Personalized Sound, Enhanced Riser Sound Support and Optional Sony / Philips Digital Interface Format.
    • AC’97 Compliance 2.3 recommends extended configuration information and additional support for the Sensation connector.

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    AC’97 2 revision.3 allows the end user to use plug-play in conjunction with. This version ensures that the audio codec provides up-to-date parametric data through an analog interface that is incredibly similar to Intel High Definition Audio.


    ac 97 cs 4202 codec 16 bit

    AC-Link will be a digital link that connects most (dc97 controller) to audio codecs. It consistsof five wires: clock frequency 12.288 MHz , Sync 48 kHz signal, suitable Reset signal and two data lines, person carries the current audio data: sdata_out and also sdata_in . The first four are controller outputs, and sdata_in carries the input to the codec. The connection transfers your own bi-directional serial data at a processed data rate (12.288 Mbps) between the controller and one or more codecs.

    Each 12.288 Mbps stream is divided into 256-bit frames. Frequency (frame will probably be 48 kHz). Hence, it is a time division multiplexing technique.

    Each frame is divided into 13 slot machines. The first (slot 0) is 17 bits long and contains valid red flags, the remaining slots and the remaining two hundred and forty bits are split into twelve 20-bit Pai Gow Poker (slots 1 through 12) that are used as data. locations.

    Slots 4, 2, and 12 are used to support non-audio data, and slots 3 through 11 are transmitted, giving you nine channels of pulsed code mod music.ulation. Typically six channels are used for 5th Surround 1 sound and three water channels are available for modem use. However, slots can be combined to provide any 96 kHz sampling rate for L, R and channels.

    Low samples (like frequencies, albeit 44.1 kHz) are implemented with a handshake given which protocol, controller and codec satisfy the data needs during certain frames. (This depends on the performance of the codec. Alternatively, bit rate conversion can be done in the DC97 (controller) or technology driver.)

    Codec Chips

    Codec chips have an AC’97 interface on one side and an analog audio interface on the other. These are usually small rectangular 48-pin ICs (48-pin QFP package). It’s D / A A / D and or D / A.