How To Fix Problems With Oab 0x80004005?

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Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating 0x80004005 oab. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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  • Hello

    From Is this error message displayed with some of the user’s mail services or with every user’s mailbox?

    If the issue is due to a specific issue, I suggest that you delete the local OAB file and manually re-extract it to get the verification result. Otherwise, please note the following Steps.

    Extract C: Program Files Microsoft Exchange Server ExchangeOAB and C: Program Files Microsoft Exchange Server Client Access OAB to the uninstall subfolder. AND

    1. Open EMC-> Organization Settings-> Mailbox

    2. In the Offline Address Book section, right-click the Default Offline Address Book and refresh

    3 clicks. Then make sure the following shared folder is created when you create the OAB server:

    C: Program Mailbox Files Microsoft Exchange Server ExchangeOAB

    4. If an offline address book file is generated, restart the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution Internet service on the Client Access server, and then verify that The offline address book file has been replicated to the C: Program Files Microsoft Exch folderange Server Client Access OAB on the Client Access server.

    5. If the offline address book file has been replicated to Microsoft Exchange Server Client Access OAB, check for this issue.

    For now, enter the following command for the cmdlet to elevate the event log and monitor the event log. If this is an offline address book event error, please post it here.

    Set-EventLogLevel -Identity Generator “” msexchangesa oal -Level High

    Thank you.

    Novak Wu

    0x80004005 oab

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    0x80004005 oab

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